Player’s Comments

I have now been in possession of “Alicia” for a bit more than a couple of weeks and here’s a short note just to tell you how well we are getting along. I have played her almost every day, and even so, just hitting the low E string when tuning up still brings a smile to my face. I don't need to compare this to my other guitars to realise what a step up in tone quality this is. It’s also a great pleasure to play and own a guitar of such obvious build quality. I think I may have found my “forever” guitar.

Can I also say thank you for making the whole buying experience such an easy and pleasurable one.

All the very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Bolton, England

I have played my new guitar ALL today and can't put it down. I only hope I can improve my playing ability to match such a wonderful guitar.


I have been playing for a number of years on a variety of concert classical guitars made by the fine English luthier John Ainsworth. These hand crafted guitars are made to the highest quality and attention to detail. Their sound is always elegant and well balanced. The trebles are colourful and basses strong. They are consistent in sound quality and projection. Ainsworth guitars are made from a variety of woods and there is always a story behind each one of them. I would highly recommend them to any professionals and guitar aficionados.


International Concert Guitarist, England

It has been most enjoyable to play several off your instruments on a number of occasions, guitars which in terms of playability and craftsmanship are of a very high order. To see your investigations into alternative timbers, such as pear wood I also find very encouraging, an approach to guitar building in which I have held a strong belief for many years.


International Concert Guitarist, England

John Ainsworth is one of the UK’s finest luthiers. His love of the guitar is clearly evident in every instrument he makes.


Concert Guitarist, England

As soon as I picked up your guitar I felt a perfect balance between a pleasant touch and a good response, with a warm, pleasant and carrying sound. I couldn’t put it down. Rafael Benatar, lutenist and guitarist.


Concert Guitarist, Madrid